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Brother Serger Model 1034D 3/4 Thread Lay-In Tensions

Item #1034D
MSRP $299.00
Price: $249.00
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Give a professional look to your next project with serged seam finishes. Seams lie flatter and look better with an overlock stitch. Home decor projects often suggest the use of a serger for rolled hems, secure seams, and differential feed. Choose from a 3 or 4 thread look and enjoy the new and easy threading method. The 1034D features two needles and ¾ thread with differential feed. Create stitches from 2.0 to 4.0 mm in length. Differential feed ratio of 0.7 – 2.0 gives improved stitch quality. Free arm makes it easier to sew sleeves, trouser legs and other hard to reach places.

* 3/4 Thread stitch configurations
* Easy threading Lay in Tensions, no eyelets
* Free Arm Style for tubular sewing
* Differential Feed to ruffle or prevent puckering
* Self-threading Lower Looper so you only open one door to thread.
* Built-In Rolled Hem for scarves, napkins, and apparel
* Latest Model Brother Serger

Sewing Stitches:
Stitch Attributes: Adjustable
Stitch Width: Up to 7.0 mm
Stitch Length: Up to 4.0 mm
Utility stitch functions: 3 and 4 thread overlock blind hem rolled hem
Quilting stitch functions: No
My Custom Stitch Feature: No (Create and save your own decorative stitches)
Heirloom stitch functions: No
Built-in Decorative Stitches: No

Needle/Thread Features:
Needle Threading System: Manual auto lower looper threader
Upper Thread Tension System for perfect stitches on any fabric: Manual
Needle Positions: Yes
# of needles: Single or twin
Bobbin: No

Machine Features:
Maximum Sewing Speed (stitch per minute): 1300
Free Arm: Yes
Presser Foot Attachment: Snap-on
Presser Foot Height Adjustment: No
Presser Foot Pressure: Yes

* 3/4 thread, cut and sew serger stitches
* Easy to follow lay-in threading
* Tension disc release assures thread placement into tension discs
* F.A.S.T. lower looper threading system
* Differential feed improves results when sewing stretch, knitted, or thing fabrics
* Eliminates the wavy or stretch appearance of stitches on some fabrics
* Perfect overlock stitches on all types and weights of fabric
* Includes 4 starter spools of thread
* Snap-out stitch finger for instant rolled hem
* Snap-on presser feet
* Uses standard sewing machine needles
* Slide lever adjustment for stitch width
* Dial adjustment for stitch length
* Slide lever adjustment for differential feed
* Electronic speed control
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Tutto 17" Serger Tote Bag on Wheels in Turquoise
Tutto 17" Serger Tote Bag on Wheels in Turquoise
17" Serger On Wheels are designed for road/vehicle transport. Includes a rear pocket to store your items, 2 inside straps to secure your machine and the easy access, top or side openings, to load your machine with ease. Not recommended for airline check-in. This sturdy bag is good for your serger, a laptop, thread Treasure Chest, and sewing supplies, etc. The case fits most serger machines.
Effortless transportation for your serger
Interior: 16 " L x 15" H x 14" D
Top access: 12 " L x 10" D
Front access: 14 " L x 14" H
Material: Nylon
Weighs: 9 lbs
Available Colors: Red, Lime, Purple, Turquoise~
Temporarily out of stock.
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Spun Polyester in Ecru, 6000yd Spool
Spun Polyester in Ecru, 6000yd Spool
100% Polyester sewing thread is a high-tenacity, low shrinkage and low elongation thread that delivers superior performance especially in permanent press and other blended fabric applications. The thread has excellent uniformity, trouble-free running performance and low shrinkage for pucker-free seam. This 50wt, 2-ply thread is perfect for serging, especially for shirts, blouses, and sportswear.
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90/14 Schmetz Universal Sewing Needle 10 pack
90/14 Schmetz Universal Needle 10 pack
This Schmetz quality general purpose needle can be used on knit or woven fabrics. A casual sewer who might repair a pair of jeans today, a childs T-shirt tomorrow, and some lingere next month will probably use this needle most often. It will do a number of tasks sufficiently. It has a long scarf that is great for zigzag stitching and it does not damage knits. It is sharp enough to go through a lot of fabrics but it does have a slight ball point which does not make it ideal for going through many layers or high thread count fabrics.
Schmetz is internationally known as the finest sewing machine needle manufacturer in the world. Your choice of Schmetz high quality sewing machine needles can result in the same high quality of maintaining smooth, even stitches in your work.~
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LED Lighted Tweezers & Magnifier, 5.5", Ergo Handle
LED Lighted Tweezers & Magnifier, 5.5", Ergo Handle
The Lighted Tweezer and Magnifier is perfect for handling very small items in low Add the Tweezers with LED & Magnifier to your arsenal of craft and hobby tools; it’s bound to be your go-to for lighting and magnifying small, hard-to-handle items. Why hold tweezers in one hand and magnifier (awkwardly) in the other? This model integrates both elements into one compact unit, with a powerful 100,000 hrs LED to boot. The powerhouse magnifier, an optical grade 1.25" lens that quadruples your viewing size and spreads light evenly, and its focused LED beam that heightens contrast is perfect for handling very small items in low light. Great for bead work, sewing, craft projects, close-up work and hobbies.
The easy to grip tweezers feature a 20° angled tip for detailed work. Includes batteries.~
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My Comfort Cutter 45mm Rotary Cutter
My Comfort Cutter 45mm Rotary Cutter
With the My Comfort Cutter, you can customize your rotary cutter's handle with your own designs, photos or fabric! This new ergonomic rotary cutter has a unique handle design that aligns your wrist naturally, placing all cutting power directly over the blade and eliminating stress in the wrist and arm.
* Customizable handle inserts
* Comfort Curve Grip
* Works with the TrueCut ruler guide
* Takes any brand 45mm rotary blade
* Left or right-handed
* Easy to use safety guard
In stock, waiting for you.
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